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Vienna City Marathon

Vienna City Marathon

The Vienna City Marathon is an annual event that takes place in Vienna, Austria each year. It has become one of the most famous marathon events in the whole of Europe. Each year thousands of people come from more than 100 countries to participate on the Vienna City Marathon.

History of the Vienna City Marathon.

The first Vienna City Marathon was held in 1984 and 794 people competed in it. It has also now become the largest road event in Austria. The 1984 edition of the Vienna City Marathon was won by Antoni Niemczak from Poland with a time of 2:12:17. While the women’s race was won by Renate Kieningen from Germany with a time of 2:47:32.

The half marathon was introduced to Vienna City Marathon in 2005. The first half marathon was won by Roman Weger of Austria. He was recorded at a finishing time of 1:08:40. While the women category was topped by Susanne Pumper also from Austria with a time of 1:13:20. The first half was memorable because both the winners in the men’s and women’s category were from the host country i.e. Austria.

In 2015, about 14,000 people finished the half-marathon and 6,000 people crossed the finish line of the full marathon. Some 3,400 teams also registered for participation in the 42.2km relay race of four people. While in 2016 edition of the Vienna City Marathon about 13,300 people finished the half-marathon. The full marathon was completed by about 6,500 people. 3,500 teams also participated for the relay race event. The 2016 edition of the Vienna City Marathon was won by Robert Chemosin from Kenya. He was recorded to finish at 2:09:48. While Shuko Genemo from Ethopia won in the women’s category with a time of 2:24:31.

Vienna  City Marathon

Events at Vienna City Marathon.

One the race day the following events take place;

• Marathon team relay event
• Half-marathon
• A 4.2 km fun run
• 42.195 km full marathon

All of these races kick off at simultaneously so if you are looking to participate in it, you should expect a crowd of 25,000 people stating at the same time. The time limit for completion of full marathon is 6 hours and for half marathon it is 3 hours. The prize money at the Vienna City Marathon amounts to EUR 65,000. The winner of the main event is awarded with EUR 15,000. The rest of the prize money distributed among other categories.

Vienna City Marathon Route.

The route of the Vienna City Marathon starts from Vienna International Centre and ends at Heldenplatz. From the starting point the track passes Reichsbrücke. The runners then have to pass by Ringstraße and reach the Vienna State Opera. The route then goes back to Heldenplatz. Here the half-marathon finishes. As for the full marathon runners, the have to continue past the Rathaus to reach Alsergrund and then to Friedensbrücke. The runners then pass Dobaukanal, Praterstern and reach Prater. The route then leads the runners to Ringstraße, where the race finishes at Heldenplatz.

Vienna  City Marathon

Upcoming Vienna City Marathon.

The next edition of the Vienna City Marathon will be taking place of 23 April, 2017. The deadline for the registration in the marathon is 31 March, 2017. The prospective runners will have to pay the registration fee of EUR 69 (for first 2000 entries), EUR 89 (for 2001-7500 entries) and EUR 90 (for entries 7501-9000). These were the registration fees for the full marathon. For participating in the half marathon first 2000 participant will have to pay EUR 52. 2001-7500 participants will pay EUR 62 and 7501-9000 participants will pat EUR 72. It is important to mention here that if the participant limit of 9000 is reached before the deadline, the authorities will close the registration process. The late registration fee for full marathon is EUR 105 and for half marathon it is EUR 82.

If you are willing and motivated to participate in the Vienna City Marathon, it is going to be an experience of lifetime for you. The city has a lot to offer to the people who come here. Even during the race you will be passing along the building and places that have a rich history. The crowd here is also worth appreciating. Hundreds of thousands of people turn out along the route of the marathon to cheer the runners. The atmosphere is also great. You would not have to face very tough weather conditions or difficult tracks. Make sure that you get registered in a timely manner as you will have to pay less. However it would be best if you can get yourself registered in the first 2,000 people.


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