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heart rate monitor

Using A Heart Rate Monitor Whilst Running

The heart being a muscle, like any other muscle, its strength is increased with exercise. Using a heart rate monitor whilst running is a great way to help with your physical condition. The main target for using a heart rate monitor is a lower resting heart rate. A heart rate monitor can be described as a device used by certain types of physical trainers to study the rate of their heartbeats. This data can also be recorded to be reviewed later. This device is personal and not medical. The composition of this monitor is a chest transmitter and a receiver. This receiver is usually a watch but sometimes can be a phone.

Over the years, this monitor has been used predominantly by professional athletes. Lately, the general public has access to fitness trackers, enabling them to accurately monitor their heart rate and make the necessary adjustments.

Are heart rate monitors useful?

As an athlete and especially as a marathon athlete, using a heart rate monitor whilst running is very useful. Some of the uses of a heart rate monitor are:
1. Health safety: Helps one know whether their exercise is enough to provide health benefits, and not too intense as to generate health problems.
2. Work out motivation: It keeps one motivated enough to achieve their heart rate target in good speed, especially for marathon runners.
3. Marathon success: For an athlete, an overtime decrease in the resting heartbeat indicates that fitness is improving and hence makes it possible to increase your speed and distance. The science behind a lower resting heart rate is that, a stronger heart pumps out more blood to the body. More blood to other body parts means less heart beats. This in turn gives a marathon runner an opportunity to run long distances since they have enough blood circulating in their bodies.

How to measure your heart rate.


Heart rate measurements are as individual as each person. When using a heart rate monitor whilst running, the data should not be compared from one individual to another since every person is unique. However there are certain ways to use to get an estimate of the maximum heart rate. A formula often used is when one deducts their age from 220. This method is, however, not fully reliable because of the above statements.

The best way to get these measurements is through the lab. It is highly recommended that one seeks medical advice on what their targets should be. Talk to the health practitioner and let them educate one on how to use the resting heart beat to calculate personal heart rate. Any athlete running marathon races, or any person who does heavy exercise should constantly seek the opinion of their medical practitioner on the use of the heart rate monitor.

It is clear that using a heart rate monitor whilst running is a very useful device. Every athlete and every person doing intense workouts should have one around to assist them in their workout regime. These gadgets are inexpensive and long lasting, not to mention can be a life saver. Get to know your target and achieve it using a heart rate monitor. It is definitely one of the necessities you need in order to be a successful athlete today.


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