A BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator is used to assess how healthy one is in relation to their body fat using their height and weight. There is usually a general formula that is used to determine a person’s BMI but when using the calculator, all one needs to do is input the measurements necessary for the calculation and all the work will be done for you. In countries that use the metric system in their measurement, meters and kilograms are the units used in the BMI measurement. On the other hand, other countries like the United States use inches for height measurement and pounds for weight size.

The result that one gets after calculation will be used to conclude whether one is underweight, overweight or is within the average BMI size. For those that have their BMI below 19, they are considered underweight as their height is not proportional to their weight. Those that are between 19 and 25 are mostly considered healthy as their height and weight are relative. Moreover, if your BMI is between 26 and 30, then you are known to be overweight. It does not end there as those that have a BMI of above 30 are obese and will instantly need to see a physician before it gets out of control.

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What Does a BMI Calculator Do?

Although some people are naturally fat due to genetics, for others it may be due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as making poor food choices, smoking or drinking and lack of exercises. A bmi calculator will tell you if your weight is safe so as to determine if you are healthy or not.

Furthermore, it is able to estimate the risks that one has towards chronic diseases and certain conditions. It is said that prevention is better than cure hence knowing if one is at a risk of infection can be very helpful to avoid this.

People who are overweight are more prone to contract chronic diseases like heart problems and cancer, while those that are underweight or in other words, thin, can suffer from food disorders such as malnutrition.

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Why a Marathon Runner Should Use a BMI Calculator.

Marathon runners are usually under a lot of pressure to produce exemplary results by winning races but they cannot achieve this if they are unfit to do so. As a marathon runner, it is obvious that most people will expect you to be constantly training and making good lifestyle choices. In as much as this may help, it is not guaranteed that this will show you how healthy you are and that by having built muscles, you are fit. It therefore becomes quite important for them to use a bmi calculator as they prepare for their races.

To add onto that, using a bmi calculator every now and then may be quite useful when training and making nutrition plans. This is because as you exercise and train, you are able to identify with the specific workout methods that are conducive for your weight. Also, you are forced to watch what you eat and the drinks that you take.

All in all, a bmi calculator can simply work as a guideline to approximate their health state. If you intend to keep fit and be at a better position to prevent illnesses, using this calculator is the solution. With that being said please take full advantage of our free BMI Calculator provided below.

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