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kenya wildlife marathon

Kenya Wildlife Marathon

The Kenya Wildlife Marathon is an initiative of Amazing Running Tours, a US-based running tours company and intended to be annual event held the 1st weekend in October. It will be held at Lukenya Hill, about from 42km from Nairobi on Oct 1, 2016. The race course includes a 10km trail run, a half-marathon, and marathon. Join us and combine the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural resources. Encompassing hundreds of acres of grasslands, rocky hills and river-beds, the Lukenya Sanctuary is just that, a slice of natural paradise. Teeming with Zebras, Wildebeests, Giraffes and more, humans remain the distinct minority at this veritably unspoiled reserve. Match this with the reliably beautiful weather Kenya enjoys in lying by the equator, and it becomes quite clear why we chose Lukenya Hills as the setting for our Safari Marathon. Join us as we launch a thrilling new Marathon tradition, combining the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural treasures.
The race is built around a 7 day 6 night all-inclusive package that includes all transportation, accommodations with 3 nights in Maanzoni Lodge in Lukenya and 3 nights in Amboseli , all meals, sightseeing, game drives, cultural experiences, interaction with local elite athletes, celebration banquet after marathon with entertainment, race medal, race certificate, race entry, awards, t-shirt.

kenya wildlife marathon

Kenya Wildlife Marathon.

The Kenya Wildlife Marathon Trail Run is a challenging single-loop course on wide-ranging terrain and sound technicality. The loop traverses through miles of single-track, including running across a river and few hundred meters of rock surfaces. This is not an event for beginners. There's a 1km long climb at the 12km mark with an elevation gain of about 100m. Ideally you should be able to run 35km comfortably to enter!
Generally, the route consists of over 3km of single-track, and 25km of jeep tracks and 14km on murram roads.

Kenya Wildlife Half-Marathon.

The HALF-MARATHON at Kenya Wildlife Marathon is ideal for avid runners who have already done 10km and would like to graduate to the half marathon. The race course is very scenic and includes large trucks of game-land. The course traverses through miles of single-track, including running across a river and few hundred meters of rock surfaces in one loop. This is an ideal event for intermediate runners who can run 10k comfortably and would like to take on the challenge of a half-marathon!

Generally, the route consists of over 5km of single-tracks and 15km of jeep tracks. The toughest section is from 12-15km, which is largely climbing. for most competitors, this run would feel like completing a full marathon on road. So, you cannot afford to be under-prepared. In a nut-shell, there are a few kilometers with loose rock surfaces, few kilometers of very narrow and uneven paths, hundreds of wildebeests/giraffes/zebras, a few hyenas, creek beds to cross, 3 tough climbs to conquer and wet-feet from creek crossing; for those new to trail-running, this will easily be one of the toughest races you would ever do.

kenya wildlife marathon

Kenya Wildlife 10k.

This is an entry level event for people of all abilities, the 10km is designed to be an easy race that participants can run or walk through. The course is a single loop, with two moderate climbs of about 500m long each, a long downhill and flat section but with one climb towards the end. Ideal for beginners of all abilities, walkers are particularly encouraged to sign up. Take the pressure off the race, relax and enjoy the scenery, get a nice medal, finisher tshirt and lots of photos to show for it!

Proceeds from the race will be donated to the Kenya Wildlife Trust to support the Mara Cheetah Project.

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