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iWatch GPS Not Working SOLVED

We recently bought the new iWatch 2 Nike+ and noticed the GPS wasn't working on any running app. Nike running app, Activity app, workout app and even the one built in the Pokemon GO app was not counting steps. The stopwatch works on them all but no matter how far we ran the miles or kilometre stayed at 0.00!

Sound familiar?

We have only tested the iWatch 2 Nike plus but this may still apply to anyone who is having GPS issues with any 1 or 2 series iWatches. In fact this may go as far as solving any GPS issues, whether if it's not working at all, working but not showing the correct distance or if it's intermittent.

So firstly there are some necessary steps you should try before attempting our solution and no we aren't going to insult your intelligence say things like make sure you have good GPS reception. If you can't get GPS where you live you probably have never heard of the iWatch.

  1. Make sure you location services is turned ON, on your iPhone: Settings → Privacy → Location Services.
  2. Check if Motion Calibration & Distance is ON ,on your iPhone: Settings → Privacy → Location Services → System Services → Turn On Calibration & Distance.
  3. Make sure your iOS software on both iWatch and iPhone s up-to-date, sorry if this is insulting, we have to make sure!

apple watch not counting stepsSo if you have tried all the above solutions and still are having trouble this will save you a long drawn out process with Apple Support doing the exact steps above only then to be booked into your local Apple Store to see an Apple Genius.

Basically you need to update your phone.... WHAT?! I have already done this and my iPhone has the latest iOS update.. WRONG!

What Apple do not tell you is the latest updates do not include the necessary firmware update like new Apple products have. To do this you must restore your iPhone back to the factory setting via iTunes. Please note it will only update properly if plugged into you computer and done through iTunes. It downloads the latest, up-to-date settings with everything needed in a brand new Apple product and you can do this by following the followings steps.

  1. Check you have latest version of iTunes on your MAC or PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone and switch off 'Find My iPhone' by going to Settings → iCloud.
  3. Make a backup (not recommended) because the problem be within the backup. Save all photos and documents to MAC or PC instead.
  4. Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes and click summary and click restore iPhone.

Follow the on screen instructions and iTunes will download the necessary files to restore your iPhone. The process takes around 20 minutes to complete, you can now unplug your iPhone and setup it up as a new product. Once done install the watch, Activity and Nike Running app if not already there, pair your products together and fingers crossed you now have a working iWatch.

If for some reason it is still not working Apple asked us to return as it must have something to do with the phone technically so that might end up costing you a small fortune. I would highly doubt it would come to this and think the above steps are more than enough to fix the iWatch not counting steps or GPS not working problem.

Please comment below if this article was helpful as it will encourage us to make more technical support articles for our readers and please share this on social media to any running and Apple based pages and groups to spread the word.

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