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Importance Of Good Footwear For A Marathon

Importance Of Good Footwear For A Marathon

The importance of good footwear for a marathon is a crucial part of your marathon arsenal. Running shoes are very important as they are designed precisely for running in the tracks, fields and outdoors. They are light, comfortable and sleek allowing you to comfortably run in different terrains. Finding marathon footwear should not be a daunting task as there are many offers in the market. However, not all such footwear you come across will characterise desirable features. It is incredible how many people still ignore, or underestimate the importance of good footwear for a marathon. Others will even show up to a track field or training exercises wearing bulky basketball shoes. The benefits of good marathon footwear are quite obvious and straightforward and such people often end up with sores and blisters soon after the workout. Here are some of the crystal benefits of using proper marathon shoes.

Avoid Injuries.

The surest way to tell if you have good marathon shoes is to wear them during training and then examine how you feel. If you experience massive amount of pain in your feet, then you have a bad pair of shoes not suitable for a marathon. Good marathon footwear should be easy and comfortable on your feet leaving you without any sores, pain or blisters. It is important to note that blisters and sores can be caused by the socks (especially cotton socks which are a no-no when it comes to athletics). Invest in sleek high quality running socks that does not cause friction between the skin and fabric. Blister form very quickly and you will note them after a few minutes of the workout. Since they can prevent you from running until they dry and heal, it is advisable to invest in good marathon footwear and not any other. Not wearing the right footwear can also cause serious injuries such as shin splints, sprains and maybe even muscle damage. This can be down to poor body posture if the shoes are not providing a solid enough foundation and not providing you with enough padding. Not all athletic shoes are ideal for running long distances.

Better fit and comfort.

Good shoes will fit your feet perfectly in a snug and well shaped form that adapts to the shape of your feet. It will also make your feet feel lighter when running without being too loose or tight to cause friction. Buying shoes designed for marathon races is highly advisable as they feature several comfort alignments and padding to ensure breathability, comfort and grip.

Steady swift steps.

If you buy good marathon footwear, you will not worry about sliding or being dragged back by heavy soles. The shoe should be light and must contain sufficient design elements that promote stable ground grip when running. The sole design should absorb all the shock and pressure, distributing it evenly and maintaining comfort inside.


You are not fully prepared to run and win a marathon race without good marathon footwear. Before you even think about racing and winning, you must ensure you have the proper shoes to keep you comfortable and light. You will not be able to maximise your training and focus on racing before you find proper running shoes.

The advantage of good marathon shoes range from comfort and safety to quality aspects. It is important to purchase from credible licensed retailers of sportswear allowed to operate in the area. More importantly, you should review all the shoe aspects including brand, quality, sole design elements, reputation and competitive affordability among others.

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