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City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia

City to Surf Marathon

The City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia is the most famous road running event in Australia. It takes place each year in Perth, Western Australia. Each year thousands of serious runners as well as the community participants are attracted to this race.

History of City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia.

The first Perth event took place in 1975. Since then it is being arranged annually and is managed by Activ Foundation. But the half marathon was introduced to it in 2007, while the full marathon was inducted in 2009. Before that it was mainly a fun event. Ever since the half and full marathon have been introduced, participation of serious runners has increased.Events at City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia.

Following are the events that take place at City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia.

  1. Full Marathon
  2. Half Marathon
  3. 12 Km Run/Walk
  4. 4 Km Run/Walk
  5. 4 Km Wheelchair

It is worth mentioning here that the participants can choose to walk or run in the 12 and 4 Km races. The time for both walking and running evets are different. As of yet the course maps have not yet been announced by the authorities for the upcoming City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia. For the full marathon if you register early you will have to pay $130 and for late entries it is $140. For the half marathon the in time fee is $90 and for late entries it is $105. In case of 12 km and 4 km races, children are also allowed to participate, but the fee for them varies. You can learn more about the registration fee on their official website.

City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia

Information for Prospective City to Surf Marathon Runners.

If you are willing to participate then it should be kept in mind that full marathon starts at 6 am. Usually it offers a great advantage because of the fact that it never gets too hot. Serious runners can take advantage of it to improve their personal finishing times. Apart from that the tracks for 12 km, half marathon and marathon are separated by barricades. So conditions get even more suitable for elite runners. For the participants, energy drinks and water is available at stations throughout the whole track. The organisers and the staff are also very supportive. If you are an elite runner, you might be pleased to know that you can qualify for priority start, if you meet the qualifying time requirements.

For men’s’ category the qualifying time for priority start is 2:45:00 and 1:15:00 for full and half marathon respectively. For 12 km and 4 km run it is 45:00 and 14:00 respectively. While for the women’s category the priority start qualifying time for full and half marathon is 3:20:00 and 1:30:00. While in the 12 km and 4 km races the limit is 50:00 and 16:00 respectively. If you are going to debut half marathon, then your 12 km time would be considered. If you are debuting marathon, your half marathon time would be considered. It applies to both men and women categories. Moreover, the prize money for this event may vary depending upon sponsorship and budget. But the winners of men and women category in full marathon are awarded $20,000. Top position holders in other categories are also given prize money.

City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia

Elite Athlete Assistance at City to Surf Marathon.

Furthermore, to increase the level of assistance provided to elite runners an Elite Athlete Assistance program is also in place. It aims to give registration support and accommodation to world class and eligible athletes. But the qualifying time for this program is much more competitive. In order to qualify for this program, the runner have to meet the following time requirements:

If you meet the above qualifying requirements the you have to give proof of your time while applying for the City to Surf Marathon.

The City to Surf Marathon is a great platform for the elite runners from around the world. For those people who cannot compete against the elite athletes, the fun events can provide a chance for them to prove themselves. Apart from all this the fundraising activities are also encouraged by the authorities. If you are looking for fundraising, you can create your page on their official website. If you are actively involved in the fundraising activities, you can get a chance to win $500 gift card via a draw. For every 25$ that you raise, you get one entry for the draw. The more you raise the better your chances of winning.

All in all, City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia is a great event which you should not miss especially if you are living in Australia, but also it would be a great event to attend for all runner across around the globe.


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